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The Company RAUMER s.r.l. was established in 1992 by the owner Mr. Cesare Raumer.

His great love for Nature and for the Mountains, his “deep” passion for Caving ( that he’s been practicing for more than 34 years ), together with a very good knowledge of mechanical technology, have urged him to try this exciting activity.

Initially the offer was based on a few items, mainly simple anchorages for Mountaneering and Caving.

But the real “ trump card “ has been , from the very beginning , the offering of anchorages exclusively made in stainless steel and the true “ace in the sleeve” was in the past and is, up to now, the usual value for money together with a great and sincere willingness in dealing with people.

Nowadays a lot of anchor-makers, throughout the world, choose our products simply because they mean quality, reliability and security.

Our entire production is made within our factory and we strictly control the different stages of the various manufacturing processes. With extreme accuracy we check the range and the origin of the raw materials we have from serious, reliable and certified suppliers.

Our service is always professional and punctual and we believe in a real cooperation with our customers.

But you know! The world of sport in general, and particularly that related to Mountaneering, is increasingly demanding and it is also particularly sensitive to innovations expecially when these ones can be turned

into real benefits not only for the price but expecially for the comfort and security.

For this reason, keeping in mind this important and new way of thinking, our company is now preparing to launch some new equipment on the market as soon as possible. They will be based on innovative ideas designed and studied for Caving and Climbing .These new items will be ready for Mountaneering just a little later.

We hope, indeed we are sure, this time the lovers of Mountaneering will give us the satisfactions we have always had for our work all these years .


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Anillo ANELLOX agujero Ø 10

Price €7.01
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Plaqueta MINOX con tornillo M8x16 y OR

Price €3.83